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Daily rent apartments Sudak

11 EUR

Oktyabrskaya-ul, 34

1 rooms +38(050) 928-65...
34 EUR

Alushtinskaya-ul, 29

house +38(050) 496-16...
34 EUR

Admiralskaya-ul, 2

house +38(099) 376-02...

Novyiy-svet-ul, 32

1 rooms +38(063) 769-49...
15 EUR

Novyiy-svet-ul, 16

house +38(063) 769-49...
25 EUR

Primorskaya-ul, 30-а

house +797885423...

Ryibachya-ul, 21

house +797875043...

Ryibachya-ul, 6

house +38(067) 189-21...
11 EUR

Surojskaya-ul, 96

house +38(066) 736-53...

Partizanskaya-ul, 12

1 rooms +38(093) 651-95...
11 EUR

Partizanskaya-ul, 11

2 rooms +38(093) 651-95...
11 EUR

Partizanskaya-ul, 14

2 rooms +38(093) 651-95...
11 EUR

Solnechnyiy-pr, 12

2 rooms +38(093) 651-95...
30 EUR

Primorskaya-ul, 30-а

house +797885423...

How to rent an apartment in Sudak for a day?

On the eve of a trip to Sudak, one of the main issues of concern to tourists is related to the search query "apartments for rent Sudak". After all, despite the fact that on the Internet you will see a large selection of low-cost apartments, in fact it turns out that renting an apartment in Sudak for a day is not so simple.

For example, in a resort for some travelers renting an apartment in Sudak without intermediaries can seem like something from the realm of fantasy. After all, most housing options are offers of intermediaries who want to earn their interest on rent. But if you want to find on the request "apartments for rent Sudak" to find affordable accommodation options, be sure to pay attention to the site Oneday.

Together with this Internet resource, a high level of comfort, rental from the owner and the presence in the apartment of all necessary (including home appliances) you are provided.

Rent apartments in Sudak without intermediaries: five tips for travelers

  • 1. Trust only proven Internet resources. Unfortunately, in any resort city there are a lot of scammers wishing to profit by illegal means. To rent an apartment in Sudak for a day without any problems, try the resource
  • 2. Decide on the area. Decide in advance where you plan to live: you can find cheap apartments in sleeping areas, or you can get a little more expensive - in the center.
  • 3. Book your accommodation in advance. Despite the fact that on request apartments for rent Sudak has thousands of offers, it is better to book available options at least a week before arrival.
  • 4. Specify the value of the owner of the apartment. To be more precise, you should find out what the price of rent is, whether you need to give a deposit, whether there are any additional expenses.
  • 5. Count the number of berths. Before renting an apartment, decide how many beds (joint and separate) you need. Depending on this, choose an apartment according to the parameters.

What to see in Sudak on vacation in 2017?

So, when renting an apartment in Sudak without intermediaries has become a settled issue, it is worth to think about exactly how you will spend time in this city. In Sudak, there are a lot of sights, and to be inspected, you can hardly keep within a day.

First of all, it is a stone fortress of Sudak, which rises above the precipice. Also, the attention of travelers deserves the Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin, the Lutheran Church and the cave monastery.

Fans of water entertainment are sure to visit the water park: many tourists left positive comments about this institution. In addition, in Sudak there is a protected tract, which is also loved by many travelers.

Finally, you can simply go to Sudak to soak up the local beaches, enjoy the warm rays of the sun and the gentle sea. And it does not matter, you go to this city in the midst of the holiday season or, for example, in the spring. You will definitely have something to remember.

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